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Roots blowers


  • wide performance spectrum from 24 m³/h up to 18 300 m³/h
  • energy effective operation
  • difference of the operation pressure up to 800 mbar


  • aeration systems in waste water treatment plants
  • the departments for the drinkable water adjustment
  • chemical industry – plastic processing
  • cement factories and lime works – conveyance of ground limestone, cement
  • conveyance of aggressive gases
  • industrial cauldrons
  • pneumatic conveyance of incompact materials and granules
  • food industry – brewery, fermentation
  • textile industry – instrumental operations with fibers
  • vacuum techniques
  • thermal power stations – conveyance of fly ash by the dry way, conveyance of limestone to the cauldrons, conveyance of air to burners
  • atomic power stations – air sampling, creating of light negative pressure in rooms, sucking of polluted steams


In many case we recommend you to use  side channel blower because of notable preferable operation and lower investment costs.

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